Outfit post: pale pink, bright blue and ballerina skirts

The weather in Madrid was a mixture of warm and cold. You’d be walking along and if a shadow was cast on you, it got cold all of a sudden. I had brought my faux fur coat along with me, which was ever-so-bulky that it was as thought I were carrying a large teddy bear around with me.
It’s so uplifting to see so much greenery around, offset against such a blue sky.

We visited one of the many parks there and it was gorgeous. No more gorgeous than any London park – except there was sun in January. I started doing a bit of a dance to celebrate.

I decided laying was best, so wore a pale pink shirt from Primark against a ballerina skirt I got from H&M years ago. It seemed to keep my warm enough.
I have taken far too many pictures, most of which I’ll use for the travel writing. Thanks so much for all of your tips and comments – they have been so helpful! 

  • daisychain

    What a beautiful outfit, and gorgeous pics x

  • HannieLou

    mmmm I love this outfit too. You look very pretty Sarah x

  • sarahbetty

    Thank you :) x

  • sarahbetty

    Aww you're lovely, thank you x

  • Urban Butterfly

    Aww what I lovely post, I love the picture of you twirling. Looks a beautiful place.

  • jimmi lou

    Really pretty photo's!

  • The Style Rawr

    I love the twirly pics! What a gorgeous day for a gorgeous outfit!

    J x

  • SomeKindOfStyle

    how lovely and dreamy is that cute look!

  • Meekay
  • sarahbetty

    Thanks so much, it was such a lovely day :) x

  • sarahbetty

    Thank you very much :) x

  • sarahbetty

    Thank you Jimmi :) x

  • sarahbetty

    Thanks so much – it was beaaaautttifffuuulll. I got so dizzy twirling :) x