Outfit post: My Little Pony

When I was little, I was obsessed with My Little Pony. I loved their pretty eyes, candy coloured hair and the individual names they had.

My inspiration today was taken from this and I bought this t-shirt a while ago (think five years) from T K Maxx and still love it today. The skirt was a dress, but I didn’t like how the top bit fit, so I cut it in half. The hem’s a little odd, but I still think it looks okay!

T Shirt: T K Maxx
Skirt: a little Camden boutique
Shoes: Zara

Do you have any clothes with your favourite childhood cartoons on?

Sarah x

  • daisychain

    I love love love this! Also lusting after the jewellery in your previous post x

  • Emily

    My Little Pony! I used to have so many, and was devastated when I discovered about two years ago that my parents had sold them at a car boot sale. I'm still angry!

    Anyway, lovely outfit and lovely lipstick!

    Emily Wears Things

  • Sarah

    Love this outfit!

  • Tesa


  • Daisy

    You look like a candy girl, I really like this outfit and was a big fan of My Little Pony too !

  • sarahbetty

    Thank you very much! I love that jewellery too. Doubt I can afford any of it though x

  • sarahbetty

    Oh my, I would be SO upset. I still have my favourite one, which was a sweetheart pony. Did you have one of those? xx

  • sarahbetty

    Thank you so much. I did feel like a 12 year old a bit though! x

  • sarahbetty

    Thanks Tesa and thanks so much for visiting my blog x

  • sarahbetty

    Ohhh a candy girl! I like that description. Thank yoooou :) x

  • Lidiya

    The tee-shirt is just too adorable <3

  • fashionsastranger

    I love the way you put this together! I have so many cute print tees, and I just never know what to wear them with. I love this skirt– and I love that you took the scissors to it as a dress, very brace!

    My Little Pony is the best :) xx

  • Carlito86

    I love that lipstick you are wearing! Cute tee shirt too x

  • sarahbetty

    Thanks so much. I am scared of wearing it sometimes, but do adore it xx

  • sarahbetty

    Thanks for your kind words. I adore them too. I haven't bought them in ages. T K Maxx are great for them. xx

  • sarahbetty

    Thank you very much :) x

  • life/style/flash.

    Ahh I wish I'd seen that t-shirt in there!

    My childhood was all about ponies in all forms :)

    [ life/style/flash. blog]

  • Temporary:Secretary

    I was obsessed with my little pony and also care bears! I had care bears wall paper when I was younger and used to call it the care bear room! So nostalgic to think back right now. I am going to look for a retro tshirt on ebay now, i really love yours! xxx