Madrid nights: polka dots and sunshine

For the last day or so I’ve been in Madrid and what a wonderful city it is! There will be more on the city later, but my first surprise was this!

When I opened the door to my room, I nearly squealed. You know that luxury of having something beautiful to yourself? The sheets were so crisp, the shower amazing and just a real sense of relaxation came over me. All that space to myself! (can you see me in the far mirror on the door?)

The views are incredible, but sadly I only got to stay there one night. I’ve been in Madrid for business, but now my boyfriend is over and we’ll be exploring the city. I’m also finding very stylish little places to eat and shop for my new online magazine A Fashionable Guide To.

Have you ever been to Madrid? What would you recommend doing?

  • PolkaDot Lighthouse

    How exciting, lucky you getting to go there on business. I used to live in Madrid and love it. My blogging partner still lives there, you can find some bits about Madrid on our blog. Otherwise, I'd say go to the area called Malasana for nice wee shops/restaurants/bars and generally nice streets. Nina on Malasana was a fave restaurant of ours. Enjoy! Carla

  • Miss Stylicious

    Looks amazing! Hope you have fun. Asif said the nightlife and food are amazing and you should go to the different tapas bars – go for a starter in one, and main in another – it's slow paced, but people usually eat a bit and move on to the next bar. Make sure you also visit the cathedrals as they are to be seen.

  • Elle Croft

    Ohhh, looks lovely! Enjoy your time there, it's a fun and vibrant city…Safira's right…tapas hopping is a fun way to see the city – do it like the locals and start at 9pm or so! There's a great food market serving lovely tapas, it's called Plaza de San Miguel. Just be careful if you're on the underground…the pickpockets are quite clever! I can't wait to read all about it on A Fashionable Guide To x

  • Isabel

    I love Madrid any time of the year, was there last Xmas and the city was just so crowded (London style, u know how that feels…) and so beautiful with all of the lights… I want to come back this year soon too.

    Go check my blog, there's something for you!! :)

    Isabel x

    "I" is for Isabel

  • Mai

    oh, the place sounds really fun! (: and nice outfit!
    CMPang x

  • jimmi lou

    Awesome room, lucky you! I've never been to Madrid, its on my to do list though! Looking forward to reading your magazine!

  • Lizzy Lips

    Well jel, that room looks AMAZING Sarah.

  • 3smallapples

    LOVE the dress. It's divine! xx