The Christmas day dress?

I have frantically been looking for a Christmas day dress for next weekend and couldn’t find anything I wanted. So I need your guys help. Do you think this is too much?

I’ll set the scenario: I’m going for a three-course posh dinner at a manor and wanted to make a real effort. I don’t know if this is suitable though? What do you think?

It was £158, but now is £89 from Topshop.

What do you think?

  • Lifeasabeautyqueen

    Its all about whether you like it, but i think topshop and those kind of places would do much nicer ones x

  • taffetaramblings

    stunning dress! as long as there is enough room to eat in it, I always have to change out of my pretty party dress!xxx

  • Elle Croft

    It is a stunning dress! Do you know what other people will be wearing so you know how dressed up/down people are going to be? I like taffetaramblings’ point about it being comfortable after a massive meal…I always forget that point at Christmas!!

  • ameliaflorencesimmons

    It's beautiful, but it is a BIG statement. There's nothing worse than being hyper aware of what you're wearing, and feeling awkward. Plus I wonder if it's easy to sit down in?!

    Tough one, as it's gorge. But wonder if it's more of a New Year's Eve dress? It would depend on what you paired it with. Oh cripes. Tough call! Let us know if you go with it :)

    Amelia xxx

  • daisychain

    That is pretty incredible.

  • confusedbrit

    That is a seriously gorgeous dress but I agree that it seems more NYE than christmas. But then that might be because its black and I associate black with NYE. Also I think that trying to gauge what the overall level of dressiness is going to be is a very good idea, as that might help you understand what would work.

    But then again, I'm the girl that is always overdressed and to hell with it!

  • heart health

    salutations from across the ocean. Great post I must return for more.