Stars in their eyes: galaxy-inspired fashion collection

I recently stumbled across an amazing fashion collection from a talented designer named Setareh Mohtarez. This gorgeous curation of clothes is aptly called the Brightest Dawn Collection, which I think is spot on, don’t you?

Setareh is a New York based designer who bases her own on structure and architectural designs, which you can see are gorgeous complimented by the prints on the material.

My favourite is the prom-style dress, I think it’s insanely gorgeous. Some might say ‘out of this world’! See what I did there?

The colours are bright, fluid and so breath taking. If you wore any one of these pieces, you’d really set the room on the fire.

What do you think? Which piece is your favourite?


  • Sarah

    Amazing designs!

  • Elle Croft

    SOOOO cool! My favourite is the same as yours…out of this world indeed! Lol :-)

  • Anna @ SMS_Style

    Wow, it's like an early Christopher Kane collection – mix with some Acne. Love it xxx

  • Pearl Necklaces

    The designs are gorgeous! I think they clearly represent the concept the designer made them around. The blue jacket mirrors the deep blue sky at dawn especially well. You just have to glance at it to know it represents the sky and the stars. Even though it's a bit over the top, I think if I got the chance, I would gladly wear the first design to a New Year's party. And I love the emerald necklace that goes with the yellow dress. Thanks for showing us this special collection! Hugs, Flora