Long Hair Inspiration (for my new extensions)….

I am obsessed with long hair, anyone who knows me can vouch for that. I used to have it and then cut all my hair off. So I have been growing it for two years and now it’s at shoulder length. In another two years, it will be where I want it to be.

In the mean time, I have ordered some Halo hair extensions (follow up post to come), just in time for Christmas and need some long hair style inspiration:

1) Mary Kate Olsen: I love this look on her and I think it’s a really timeless look. This might not be so easy to do with extensions though, especially as my hair is already lots of different lengths.

2) Ariel the little mermaid: Wasn’t she the original girl we all had style envy from? I know I did. Yes she was a cartoon character, but so was Prince Eric and you fancied him didn’t you?!

3) The top knot: Again, this might be difficult to do with extensions, but a girl can bloody well try, can’t she? I like this look, it is very relaxed and easy (within reason) and most important of all, universally stylish.

4) Nicole Richie: I seriously never used to find Nicole stylish and then BAM, she transformed. I love her hair dark and long, perhaps more than the blonde. This will be the easiest look to achieve methinks and curling the hair makes it blend more with my own.

5) Bridget Bardot: Man Bridget got it right in her hey day. This look is still so bang-on and I adore it. It’s relaxed – stylish and no effort. My kind of hair.

6) Taylor Swift: I want to point out right now, I am not a Swift fan. But I do really like her hair – it’s so pretty and I think after curling it, this would be rather achievable.

Have you tried extensions? And what about Halo extensions? Any advice is welcome…

  • Anonymous

    Oh so pretty – I love Mary Kate's hair…

    Poppy x

  • Kelly

    Ah Ariel was my dream hair when I was younger. Loved it – even if it was brushed with a fork. :)
    I have shoulder length hair and am trying to grow it out, taking forever, Lee Stafford hair growth stuff does work though.

  • Hazel

    I'm with you on Nicole Richie. She went from a blonde wearing dungarees to brunette gorgeousness in the blink of an eye! Needless-to-say I love her laid back waves.
    I've never tried extensions, my hair is long but never grows ast a certain lentgh but would love long enough to sit on, thick, glossy locks just once…

  • Mabel

    I have some 22" clip in extensions and they're pretty nice. Sometimes I wear them in my blog pictures and sometimes I don't lol. My real hair is boob level, but the extensions give me mermaid length. They're really fun!

    6 years ago I put the glue-in kind of extensions in my hair and it was awful. I winded up just shaving my hair down to a half inch. I loved it short :)

    Mabel Time

  • Bangs and a Bun

    I've never had extensions – I'm lucky enough to have waist length hair, but I'm absolutely pants when it comes to actually doing anything with it. Down and curly, down and straight, up in a bun – that's about the extent of my skills! However, I am trying to experiment more, having recently learnt the art of backcombing. I love the Nicole Ritchie and Bridget Bardot styles here – that nice, loose tousled look is really lovely.

    Enjoy your new hair!

  • Urban Butterfly

    Ariel is still my favourite, she rocks! ; ) he beautiful long red hair is just a dream! Bridget's hair is so effortly stylist, just love it.

  • AJ

    My aim in life is to look like Bridget Bardot, she was literally the most gorgeous thing ever! I love that easy laid back look in that photo with her pinned up slightly.XO


  • confusedbrit

    Oh, I'm totally in the same boat as you….I had quite long hair and then chopped it all off and now I spend hours looking at pictures of hair going 'I wish I could do *that*!'

    Bridget Bardot style hair is a look that I've always wanted and never managed….my hair needs to grow quite a bit before I could manage that, have seriously been considering extensions, actually!!

    Ariel's hair is amazing!! Even the doll of her has fantastic hair…well, until my nieces wrecked it! I am not ashamed to admit that I totally had a crush on Prince Eric…he was hot!