Leopard print and chiffon green

Taken on Boxing Day, this outfit was all about being comfortable while having family around. I think it’s a kind of hippy chic:
Dress: Primark
Headscarf: H&M

Vintage fur coat: Christmas present
I think I was inspired by our Christmas tree for this one! My new vintage coat is super soft and you can honestly dress for summer while wearing this.

  • Lizzy Lips

    You look gorge' love, I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

  • smokingpeaches

    I adore your style Sarah!

    Can I borrow your wardrobe and fab figure?


  • Tammy

    Thanks for your comment! I absolutely love this dress from primark! Considering picking one up myself! Was it recent?
    Love the vintage fur coat too!

  • Miss Stylicious

    Love your dress. Colour is gorgeous! And the coat looks super soft. It's beautiful!

  • Faye

    Green really suits you! You're hair is looking to healthy too.


  • Faye

    Green really suits you! You're hair is looking to healthy too.


  • jimmi lou

    The dress colour is perfect with your hair, love the coat too! I would melt if I wore it here though!

  • chelsea.jade

    You look lovely, and your coat looks so soft and warm!

    Chelsea x

  • confusedbrit

    Love the dress! The colour is adorable on you, and love the coat too!

  • Jen

    lovely dress.
    erm your fur jacket, may I borrow it please?

    J x

  • Pretty In Pink

    i love this look, especially the blue dress. very glad i stumbled upon your blog, it's really charming