Floppy hats and sheer shirts

It’s Christmas eve eve! Does anybody else call it that? Still getting used to my camera and taking photos without having the family around. I would feel very self-conscious having them watch me do this! 
Today was all about a relaxed-70s vibe, with a floppy hat, sheer shirt and checkered shorts. No shoes, because I wasn’t wearing any!
Hat: H&M
Shirt: Primark
Shorts: Box fresh (from about three years ago)
Necklace: China Doll Boutique
Is everyone as excited as me about Christmas?

  • Anonymous

    Really love the floppy hat!

    Poppy x

  • daisychain

    you are crazy gorgeous x

  • SomeKindOfStyle

    this combination on you looks so lovely! Happy Holidays sweets! x

  • jemmalouise

    i call it that too, you look lovely xx

  • Annie84

    Oh my word. I adore this look! I love it! xx

  • jimmi lou

    This shirt is really nice on, looks great with your hair colour. I really want to get a floppy hat I just don't think it would suit me though!

  • confusedbrit

    Love this look! Its one that I adore, but have never been brave enough to try. Especially liking the shirt and necklace!

  • Isabel

    Such a pretty doll! :)


    "I" is for Isabel

  • LucieBella

    I'm in love with this shirt! Bought a similar one from Primark the other day, I'll be braving the city centre tomorrow to look for more! xxx