Christmas day: champagne and tulle

On Christmas day this year, we really wanted to go out for dinner. It was in an old manor (below) and the occasion called for some fine dressing, for fine dining. I went with my boyfriend and his lovely mother (Liz), who I’m photographed with below:

We each had silly hats on as we ate (it is Christmas!) and this is my lovely boyfriend modelling his:

There was also bubbles aplenty:

And the most gorgeous ginger bread house:

The Christmas Day outfit:

So as you guys advised, I went with the Topshop dress. I did feel a bit over the top, but LOVED it in the end…

Shoes: Miss Selfridge ( a few years old)

I will do another post about presents, can’t wait to share it with you. Thanks again for helping me to decide my dress!

 I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas?

  • Lauren-Ella

    That dress looks GORGEOUS on you x

  • Anne Keane

    that dress is so pretty! Lovely hair BTW!

  • Hazel

    Sarah, you look smashing! You can't beat a fab frock on Christms Day do

  • Elle Croft

    You look awesome! Merry Christmas xxx

  • SomeKindOfStyle

    looking as fashionable as always, sweets! s

  • daisychain

    That dress is incredible! xo

  • Amelia

    Ahh it looks ace! I was dubious about the OTT-ness, but you styled it perfectly. Completely gorge. Plus, your chap's mum is supremely glamorous! xx

  • confusedbrit

    you look amazing!! In fact, it all looks so lovely and gorgeous, certainly the best way to spend a christmas! The dress is even more amazing in situ and perfect for the occassion.

  • H

    Love your Christmas day dress!
    And that gingerbread house is adorable.

    I agree, it's definitely a new year thing to have a clear out. Maybe I'll start mine today. Maybe… x