The big fur debate

So, I need your honest opinion. If you saw another blogger wearing real fur (vintage fur), would you give them a hard time?

Answers please! :)

  • Elle Croft

    I'd say go fur it…haha – couldn't resist the lame pun. But seriously, I eat meat so I don't have a problem with fur. I'd personally only buy vintage rather than new…I prefer it and think it's more ethical/sustainable. I know some people would be horrified by this comment, but it's just how I feel about the issue…what about you Sarah?

  • Hannah, Belle Amie Vintage
  • Danielle aka Fashionista Barbie

    I don't believe that attacking anyone is the right answer, but I think I would ask them if they knew what the animal went through to allow them to wear that coat. The information that can be downloaded via Peta is extensive.

    I am against wearing real fur as I think there are so many great faux-fur alternatives out there. I do however think there is an argument to be had for wearing vintage fur, but I don't think I could.

    The thing that frustrates me the most is when people have fur bags – really does your handbag need to keep warm!!!!

  • faye

    I wouldn't give them a hard time but I hate real fur. I don't think there's any need for it we don't live in Siberia so we don't need it for warmth. Vintage or new – there is no difference. The animals have still experienced excruciating pain and the more people that wear it the more acceptable it becomes.

  • Hayley K

    I'm actually kind of with Elle on this one. I don't really like fur myself and don't feel "ok" wearing it but I likewise wouldn't attack another person for wearing it. Personally, I don't really feel like I live in a cold enough climate to get my head around buying it for myself but, taking off from Elle's comment, I'm also an meat eater so I'd feel a bit "pot-kettle-black" for having a go at somebody about wearing fur.

  • thegirlaroundthetown…

    It kind of depends on the post…if they were out-right shoving down your throat that they're wearing fur and that they didn't care aout the controversy surrounding it, my response would simply be a link to the PETA website in order to educate them about their choice. If they mentioned it more sympathetically and said they are aware they may cause offence then I'd probably leave it.
    Im a vegetarian and completely against cruelty to animals and therefore I'd never wear fur, I even feel guilty wearing leather products and only buy beauty products which aren't tested on animals. I'd love to see an animal friendly leather goods company emerge, Alexa Chung called for this too and I think it's a great idea!

    Sarah xXx

  • lilyfm

    If it's vintage, in my opinion yes it's okay. I'd never buy anything new that's fur because then shops might see that there is a want for it and might start bringing it back. Buying something fur, that was new, would make me feel as though it's been killed for purposely my consumption whereas vintage fur I feel is more justified because I'm re-cycling clothing, I definitely understand & agree with Elle on this one!

  • Lizzy

    I think that it depends completely on the situation. There is obviously less controversy surrounding vintage fur so I believe that it is more ethical than new fur. Also as long as the animal has not been bred soley for its fur and the rest was used sustainably I don;t see much of a problem. I do understand that some people are against wearing fur and if I did so myself wouldn't blather about it all the time as I could offend someone.

  • Danielle

    I don't think I would give them a hard time at all. If a blogger does something to really offend me, I just stop reading their blog, rather than expend negative energy on them.

    Personally, all my vintage fur comes passed down from my great-great aunt. I see wearing it as a nice connection to my family and better on than in a landfill.

  • dresslikenoonesjudging

    I love fur! There is nothing warmer or softer (including faux fur) but I have made the informed decision to only buy vintage fur as I don't want to give my money to people killing the animals. I suppose some protesters may argue that it sends out the message that it is ok to wear all fur but I'm always quick to tell people that it's vintage and many people can't tell if it's real until they feel it. P.S. I'm also a vegetarian!

  • Hazel

    I have no problem with vintage – the 'damage' has already been done, it's the new influx of fur that I struggle with. There is no need for it now that there are so many good faux fur alternatives. But I wouldn't give anyone a hard time over it – it's a choice and we have the freedom to make our own.

  • Mademoiselle Lala

    Just like Sarah from I am a vegetarian and would never ever wear fur. I think that wearing it is a complete disgrace since the technology and production has developed so much fake fur looks similar to the real thing. With no suffering on the animal part. As for vintage… that's just an excuse – if she wears vintage, she'll wear real fur from current trends too.