The best pouts in the fashion and celeb world

Okay you like fashion, I like fashion, but it does seem to come with a lot of pouting doesn’t it? And it ain’t because they’re unhappy is it? So here are my top pouts in the fashion industry:

Scarlett Johansson 
Pout factor: 7/10
This is one hot woman and I think both sexes are quite taken with her and look at that pout!

Keira Knightly
Pout factor: 8.5/10
This is one lady who’s pout comes out when she doesn’t even realise. Some people even mocked her for it.

Victoria Beckham
Pout factor: 8/10
Victoria has famously said she doesn’t like her smile, but do you like her pout?

Georgia Jagger
Pout factor: 10/10
Well if you’re Mick Jagger’s daughter, you’re certainly not going to have a small mouth are you? This is by far the best pout and has secured young Jagger a modelling contract!

Who do you think has the best pout? Any contenders I haven’t mentioned here?

  • Allysha Johnson

    Victoria Beckham: My IDOL!!!! Her pout is amazing!!!

  • Daisy

    Georgia Jagger ! By far !