It’s Fashion Love: The Coast Winter Cape

You know that moment when you’re out and about and then meet The One? Well that happened to me today. I was minding my own business with this gorgeous Coast winter cape started making eyes at me. I swear I didn’t look,  I didn’t want to cheat on my coat. But it was insistent, kept on flirting with me in front of my coat. It really had no shame. I mean look at it, could you resist?
I love the way it’s out lined in black leather, the way it falls, EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. And you know what? It looks even better on!

You can see it here for yourself. What do you think? Do you love it as much as I do?

  • Isabel

    Well, I think it's just perfect and it would look great with some jeans or capri pants and high heels… I love the neck!

    Good choice! :)

    Isabel x

    "I" is for Isabel

  • Stina

    I love it and it's exactly what I'm after but the price makes me weep.. It's so beautiful x

  • Danielle

    I am not so much into most of the capes that are out there, but this one has a flattering cut and shape. Plus I can't say no to camel!