The must have Topshop winter coat of the season?

I have a problem. I keep going in and out of Topshop and not buying anything. It’s not just to look at all the wonderful fashion. Oh no, it’s to perve on this bad boy:

It’s my ideal winter coat. It’s stylish, will go with anything and oh my God have you see that faux fur? It’s gorgeous. I don’t have the £100 needed to spend on it just yet, but when I do, WHEN I DO, it will be coming with me everywhere. Although my boyfriend won’t be happy to know that I’m also wearing it to bed.
What do you think (of the coat, not me wearing it to bed)?
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  • AJ

    That is exactly what I'm after this winter… Oh so beautiful!!!XO

  • Ms Red

    My great nan had a coat just like that. And a little furry type hat to match. Not for me.

  • Sarah

    I love it!


    You don't need us to tell you it's gorgeous, you just want us to be enablers so you can blame it on us when your boyfriend is moaning about it… 😉

  • Sam

    I just bought this coat and I love it so much I just about take it off when I shower :-) xx