The Fashion Girl’s guide to dogs

So, you’ve been to fashion week, you’ve seen the cute dogs – now how about you, how do you get one? Which one to choose?

The Pomeranian ala The Clothe’s Whisperer from £500 +
This is one cute dog and is sure to go with all of your outfits. That’s obviously the point! On another note, Pomeranians are cute, have attitude and will amuse you for hours.This dog even has her own blog!

Pippa the Mulberry dog – miniature schnauzer from 600+
Although I think this dog looks more like a boy, it is indeed a very cute effort from Mulberry. I applaud the Tillie coat. These dogs have a really nice temprement and are a mini version of the larger schnauzer (hence the name!)
Pippa in her Tillie Quilted Mac - hot off the catwalk!

Lenny the Pug – Stylist Magazine’s dog – £500+
This dog got it going on. And he’s a male amongst all those female dogs – must be a happy pooch! He was seen at last season’s London Fashion Week strutting his stuff on the cobbles of Somerset House. Pugs are cute and very sweet, but don’t love exercise and can find it hard to breathe later in life.

Obviously remember dogs aren’t just to be used as a fashion accessory. They are for LIFE. Make sure if you get one, you can look after it etc.

Do you have a dog you love to take along with you to different fashion events? Do let me know!

  • taffetaramblings

    I like the Mulberry dog, he looks like he is a character & would be a bit more up for walks in the countryside & all that other stuff I think you do with dogs…the others don't look very hardy!
    I would love a labradoodle (cutest things in the world!) but the boy refuses.he is a cat person. we are at a stalemate! x

  • Sarah

    Ah I want a mini schnauzer sooo bad! I was a big fan of the comedy 'Spaced' and I have a strong desire to buy one and name it Colin just like Daisy did! They look like little old men!

    Sarah xXx

  • Lizzy

    I would love a pug! They just seem to have so much attitude for such a little dog!

  • snapfashion

    I'd happily own them all but have wanted a pugling for years!
    More celeb dogs…

  • Sarah

    I love Lennie!

  • Danielle

    Hm, I feel like the Queen's corgis should be on here. :)

    I did like Lenny's blog posts during LFW but I am still a (sadly under-represented in the fashion world) dachshund girl at heart.