Still craving: A Mulberry Alexa

I know everyone who’s anyone has one of these bags. I know many people have disdain for the bag because it’s so done now.

But you know what? I don’t care, I still want one! I always loved the satchel, from a young girl and so when this bag came around, it was love. The leather is so buttery and the bag is so pretty – suitable for all occasions!

Here are my favourite versions of this bag:

Brown oversized Alexa

This is the perfect bag for travelling, or for fashion shows when you need to shove a million and one different things into your bag. Also, it goes with EVERYTHING.

Gold Alexa bag
Great for nights out, or just to give an outfit a bit of bling, this bag is actually my favourite. I love a bit of gold anyway, so this would be the one I’d wear the most!
Mini Alexa

Great for everyday wear, this little bag can take you from day to evening. It’s light enough for a day out, but don’t put this little thing down. You might not see it again!

Have you got an Alexa? Do you think they’re overdone?

  • maithaahmed

    LOVE the gold one, let's get matching Alexa's :)

  • Anonymous

    Oh you know, I've always loved the leopard skin one! Poppy x

  • Safira

    I love the bag too! My favourite has to be the Mini Alexa there though. x

  • Sarah

    I'm really lusting after one too!

  • jemmalouise

    always wanted one, however I also want the Tillie x

  • taffetaramblings

    I love these bags, I think they will go the way of the Bayswater & become a classic piece. The gold one is amazing & its an investment afterall?xxx

  • MissLuxuryLifestyle

    I do like the style however I do think they're massively over done and there are so many horrible river island esk copies and fakes. Also the leather looks a bit plasticy, I have 2 Bayswaters and they're incredible! Love love love them x