Sarah Betty’s A/W must haves

The sky isn’t so light in the morning any more, the sunsets are almost greeting you as you leave work and the air is getting ever so slightly more crisp. Yes it’s that time – the transition between summer and autumn.

I have to admit, it’s one of my favourite times of the year. I love the conkers populating the pavements, the trees flirting with colour and I love that smell. You know, the really fresh smell of autumn?

The one problem though as each season turns, is that I never seem to have enough new clothes. I have been scouring the shops for the last month or so and here are my must haves, to share just with you:

Sara Belted Skater Dress – – £15 (!)

I love the simplicity of this dress. It has a really nice shape to it and I think it’s really flattering. It would also look great with black tights and over knee boots.

River Island Animal Print Chain Detail Slipper – ASOS. £30

These would add a fierce touch to an androgynous look and really work with the leopard-print trend this season. 

ASOS Fit And Flare Coat With Belt £90

I am in love with this whole look. I’ve always loved a coat that hugs your silhouette and has a feminine feel to it by flaring out at the end. The belt adds a nice touch too.

Miu Miu sparkly boots £602

Let’s face it, I am NEVER going to be able to afford these and I know everyone’s wanting them, but God I need them in my life. Also they’d look fabulous with the coat above. Hell they’d look fabulous with my pyjamas.

Have you found any must haves I’m missing for Autumn/Winter?

Let me know!

  • taffetaramblings

    love the loafers & asos coat – perfect for autumn!

    the shoes are amazing! wishlist! xxx

  • daisychain

    Oh those boots. Be still my beating heart.

  • Sam

    Love the colour of the dress and the heels are gorgeous!

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting on my blog, xx

  • faye

    I'm so in love with the miu miu shoe range this autumn – divine!