Fashion Illustration you’re going to love!

I am a big fan of fashion illustration. I think it really helps to capture the essence of fashion – form, structure and beauty. It helps to bring something that might not be 3D yet, into life, or to give another spin and feel to something you’ve not considered before.

On this theme, I really love Illustrated Moodboard. These twin sisters have a fabulous blog, where they feature their beautiful and simple art work. Have a look for yourself:

Marie Antoinette

You can see more of their lovely work here:
What do you think?
  • confusedbrit

    I had to go and have a look-see, and their work is gorgeous….I'm fond of a fashion illustration, there's something wimsical and etheral about it that cant quite be conveyed just in a glossy picture….I particularly like it when sometimes a fashion desginer's moodboard featuring illustrations for the coming season gets shown in one of the mags….its great to see something evolve from conception to finished article!