A fashionable little car…

Soon, I am going to be travelling quite far every day and I’ve been looking at different options. I’ve become a little bit obsessed with Nissan Figaro:
Second hand, you can get them for around £3000. No bad! What do you think?
  • www.blahblahbecky.co.uk

    I do love these cars – I've never seen them anywhere except London though!


  • Paperbacks and Postcards

    Nissan Figaro's are my most favourite car of all time! I love them! So cute! xx

  • Kate

    Oh my god it's adorable! LOVE the pink – too cute!

    Would you go for a personalised number plate? ;o)


  • Lizzy Lips

    I consider myself some what of a car expert having owned 5 in my 7 years of driving and I do love the Figaro… perfect for that retro chic look.

    I swapped earlier this year because Manchester is the most expensive place in the country for insurance and whizzing around the city is expensive. Check out Foxy my cheap chic 107, she's the perfect urban fox!

  • Sarah

    Adore this car! If I could drive I would love one!

  • faye

    Oh wow they're so pretty :) especially the pink metallic one xx

  • AJ

    Only £3000! Why did I not know this?! It's my dream car for sure, in baby blue of course xo


  • Bex

    I adore Nissan Figaro's – my boyfriend gets incredibly annoyed at my excitement each time I spot one!

  • Danielle

    LOVE that they are automatic, cute AND affordable.
    I have been eyeing one up for 2 years now.
    If I ever get my UK driving license- it is mine !


  • Laurence Modithre

    That looks like a cute little ride. In any case, you're talking about driving long distances daily, no? If that car could function that way, then go for it!