Still craving: A YSL Arty Ring

People have been talking about the gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent arty rings for a long time. I always wanted one and never bought one before. They’re around £150, so not the cheapest, but look how lovely they are:

The green one is actually in the £250 brand pricing, but it really is pretty! There are still several places you can buy these, including Net a Porter!

My favourites are the green and blue – how about you?

EDIT:// I know of you feel how I do about the price, so I’ve found a cheaper version, which looks just as gorgeous:

And the best bit? They’re only FIFTEEN POUNDS. There is a God.

  • Bon Vivant Clique

    Oft I really really reeeeally like these rings haha!! In fact I like any rings that look like they could do some damage haha!

    I'm not keen on the price tag though ;(!!

    Love J.

  • Catey Cate

    I am so with you, I am still in love with these rings! Way too pricey, especially as I would need at least 4 different colours! xx

  • Temporary:Secretary

    The purple one is nice! Purple is my fave colour, if i was to buy one (i can dream on!) then I'd get the purple! x

  • Lizzy Martin

    Stunning colours! Bit harsh on the pennies though!

  • sarahbetty

    Thanks for your comments. I love them too, but yes it seems we all agree on the fact that they're toooo expensive. May still buy one though 😉

    Sarah Betty xx

  • Sarah

    I love these too!

  • Isabel

    In love with this ring! Worth the price. I HAD to get the turquoise one and the coral one otherwise I wouldn't survive without them xD

    Isabel x