Love at first sight: Temporary Secretary

I was reading the lovely Gem Fatale’s fashion blog and saw her post on my new obsession: Temporary Secretary.

Seriously, I would buy everything in this shop. EVERYTHING. I may need to apply for a credit card. The best thing is that it’s all very affordable, so here’re my favourites:

Fox ring £12

Which of these do you love? I seriously want everything. Look at those little gingerbread men – so friendly, so nice. You want them to sit on your ears and be yours friends don’t you? DON’T YOU?

  • jemmalouise

    I love Temp Sec, Sarah is amazing and all the jewellery is so great it makes it hard to decide. I do love the gingerbread men though x

  • Lizzy Martin

    I am in love with the gingerbread men and the envelope necklace, STUNNING.

  • daisychain

    I need the fox ring!

  • Sarah

    I adore everything!

  • Temporary:Secretary

    This is so cute, and we love it – we said so on twitter. And did we also mention that we loooove you and that this is super amazing! We're following your blog, thank you for introducing us to it. We can't wait to see what else you write about and all the other fabulous things you're going to recommend. It appears you have excellent taste in fashion and jewellery! xxxx

  • Raz

    Love TempSec as well, it's so cute! I'm a huge fan of the fox ring, I think it's so lovely and also a little bit kickass, ha.

  • Temporary:Secretary

    Hi cutie pie, just a quick msg to let you know we've added this to our blogroll x