Giving my blog a HUGE makeover!

For the last few months/weeks, I’ve been really thinking about this blog and exactly why I’m not happy with it. I think I need some new focus, some structure and hell – a new design.
I know my voice, I know exactly how I like to talk, but I want it to start looking more like a website than a blog you know?
I also think that the blog will start to have different sections on it, including fashion, beauty, travel and culture. Sometimes I feel I’m posting just for the sake of it and frankly dear readers, neither you or I deserve that. 
So hang tight – Sarah Betty is having  a makeover on a large scale! The most important thing I want to bring into it is guest posting, as I’m really looking forward to use this blog to show the potential and talent of so many other bloggers!
My biggest worry is how to get it to the professional looking design that I want for the website. I also worry that Sarah Betty actually isn’t a good name for this, but don’t want to lose what I’ve built up on here by moving to another blog?
Have you ever had a refocus like this too? Any tips? 
  • Lizzy Lips

    I'm excited to see what you come up with. I've had a bit of an ID crisis over on my blog but I think I'm getting to somewhere where I want it to be. I'd love it to be some uber stylish fashion blog like '5 inch and up' but I just don't have the wardrobe or the photographer to follower me around all day.

    At the end of the day I love to write and, quite often, have a moan and need and outlet for this. I care less for large volumes of followers that these stylish fashion blogs attract and more for a quality readership who like to hear what I have to say.

    I love reading your blog Sarah, you have quality content so I'm sure the structured sections you're planning will mean great experience for your established readership.

    Don't worry about the name, I think it's great. If you're anything like me I think you'll never be satisfied!!! I often hate 'Lizzy's Lips' but it's my brand now, I've got to live with it. Brand ID and the management of it is what you make it.

    Good luck, can't wait to see the new blog.

    Lizzy x