Fashion Craving: Luella

You know, I’ve been thinking lately a lot about Luella. I really miss it.

I miss the excitement of each collection being released, the quirky title of each show and which celebs would be caught wearing it!

I suppose the next closest thing is Miu Miu right? Do you ever think Luella will come back for another season?

  • Sarah

    I loved Luella!

  • Temporary:Secretary

    I miss Luella too! x

  • Bambi

    Those pictures made me smile.

    I'd like to think Luella would come back someday.

    <3 Luella

  • confusedbrit

    yes! I am in agreement that Luella needs to come back! I'm totally missing it, like everyone else!

  • Reena Rai

    RIP Luella….I don't think she will be coming back but we can hope, right? x