New Fashion Obsession: Romwe

I have recently discovered the shopping pleasure of Romwe, through the genius that is I am going to be buying quite a lot of thins from here. The emphasis seems to be on cute, feminine and oh so affordable!

Yes please.

So here’s what’s on my wishlist:

Stars Printed Orange Long Dress £23.75

The Statue of Liberty Tank Dress  £25.02

Sequins Heart T-shirt £12.19

Irregular Clipping Gauze Black Skirt £24.38

And there’s free shipping worldwide! Go on! Get shopping.

Have you heard of Romwe? Do you love or no?

  • Carol

    Hmmm. They do have some nice things don't they? Will no do buy from there at some point, I seem to have some sort of shopping obsession.

    Caz x

  • daisychain

    payday cannot come fast enough!

  • Sarah

    Amazing pieces!

  • Jai’me Jan

    Never heard of them but I LOVE that heart sequined t-shirt! I wonder how good the clothes look in person?

  • maitha

    The tshirt would look ace with the black skirt!x