Which fashion shop is at the social media top?

…(drum roll)….it turns out to be TOPSHOP. Of course….look at those stats – over one million. 

I am rather surprised that River Island and New Look are in front of ASOS, especially when the latter seems to do so well with its social media. 

A lot of it comes down to the right content, beautiful landing pages and allowing users to shop from Facebook, without having to go on their site. 

I do like River Island’s landing page here: 

On Twitter, Topshop also rules the school and it’s interesting to note that Harrods are also doing well!

Interesting to not also that a lot of these brands are more of a mix of other and fashion retailers.

Who do you think does social media really well in the fashion world?

This info was taken from ocial Media Benchmark study by eDigital Research (registration/survey required)

  • Carol

    I work for Schuh and I would say we do it well but are still growing…nowhere near the sizes of the others.

    Carol x

  • amelia-k

    Wow that is so interesting!!! i'm such a geek for this stuff! Can't believe new look and river are ahead of Asos on FB!!! And why are amazon even in that twitter list i didn't even know they had a twitter account haha x