Mulberry’s 40th anniversary book and tea party!

So those lovely fashionistas at Mulberry had a tea party recently to celebrates its 40th anniversary and have also launched an amazing book. 

The pictures looked gorgeous and as usual, there’s everything quirky that Mulberry has to offer, including huge flowers, floating Alexa bags and gorgeous women parading around with Alexas. 

People decorating their own cakes!

The book has behind-the-scenes glimpses into what it takes to run the Mulberry label, including production, celeb spotting (psst – Alexa, Olivia et al – OBVIOUSLY) and general Mulberry porn for you all.

I will certainly be buying it when it comes out. It’ll be £55 and can be found in Mulberry stores and national bookstores. Visit for more information.

What do you think? Will you be buying the book?

All photos are courtesy of Mulberry.

  • Sarah

    I think the book looks lovely, but at the moment is a bit too expensive for my little purse to cope with!

  • S. Ellen

    I would LOVE this book so much but it is so expensive :( x