Westfield unveils digital tweet mirror for shoppers!

Westfield London: shoppers offered chance to share image via tweet mirror
How’s this for an innovative use of social media? Westfield shopping centre recently allowed shoppers to choose outfits by looking at themselves in a mirror, which would share the image with friends and family on the net.
Using this digital mirror, shoppers could get real opinions from their friends and family, even if they were shopping on their own! The idea was all a part of Westfield’s Go virtual area until last Sunday (3 April), as part of the centre’s week-long ‘ Big Fashion Wardrobe’ event.
I could certainly do with one of those when I go shopping. 
Can you see this being the future of shopping?
  • jemmalouise

    This is awesome, cannot wait to try it out! Gee we are getting all technical, definitely the way to go! x

  • Lizzy Lips

    Would this not course even bigger queues at the changing rooms with people spending longer in there waiting for tweet replies?

    Other then my bad shopper moan I think it's a great idea!

  • Hazel

    I can totally see this taking off! it beats taking photos of yourself in the changing room mirror!