Sketches for Lily Allen’s new fashion collection

Well you watched her on the documentary from Riches to Rags and now Lily Allen and her sister Sarah are launching a new fashion line for Lucy in Disguise
Here are the first few sketches:

I particularly love the green maxi and can imagine wearing it to a summer wedding with a beautiful floppy hat. 70’s baby.

The collection will be stocked by global department store Harvey Nichols across the world, including the UK, USA, France and Japan. Prices range from £100, to £400. So not that cheap or accessible?

What do you guys think? Which is your favourite and why?

  • Lizzy Lips

    To be perfectly honest, I'm really not sure. I like the maxi dress and I think the pink prom dress could be cool but I don't think I like enough to part with that much cash. I'll pass a proper judgement when I see the real think in the shops.

  • Hazel

    I'm with you on the maxi dress. Starting at £100 it's going to have to be a special occasion before I would purchase anything from the range.