Top 5 London Fashion Week Roundups by Fashion Bloggers:

So it’s been a few days since all the chaos of London Fashion Week ended. I have watched and observed from the sidelines this year, for various reasons. I was going to do my normal roundup of my favourite looks etc for the new season, but there was some really strong editorial on some of the fashion blogs out there, so I thought I’d share my favourites with you:
Sarah Scribble’s roundup:
Sarah is breaking down each of the shows that matter to her. Here you’re getting witty copy, coupled with photos which really highlight what she describes. Start here, at the beginning with Paul Costelloe.
Coco’s Tea Party: LFW: What my Blackberry Snapped
Here you get to see London Fashion Week in the eyes of this prolific fashion blogger through her blackberry photos. My favourites were the fox cookie from Mulberry and that stunning Felicity Brown dress.
Amelia’s Fashion Land: roundup of the Look Show:
The lovely Amelia Kanaris attended the Look Show and her description of trends, colours and styles is like poetry to read. I also adore her colour blocks she uses to represent the shades shown on the catwalk by each brand. There are three separate entries, so I suggested you head to part one!
 Dressing Miss Dolly’s Top 5 shows:
I sometimes love these top five round ups, because you get an immediate feel for what the blogger liked/didn’t like. Here Miss Dolly (or Cassie) has kept it simple with selected photos from each selection. If you want a fast track roundup, look no further than here.
Who What Where’s Roundup of Who Was Wearing What at LFW:
Anyone loves to look at what all the fashionistas are wearing to London Fashion Week, and I am no exception. That’s why I loved reading/perving on all of these outfits!
What have been your favourite reports from LFW? Any you could point me to?
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