My new obsession: Yasmin Shahmir

Heey fashionettes,

I really want to share my new obsession with you – which is this lovely bundle of gorgeousness that is Yasmin. Not only does she look amazing, she has some serious talent going on too.

Yasmin has recently released a song ‘On my Own’, which meeting much critical acclaim – but that’s not where here story begins! Yasmin’s once upon a time came about when the talented musician was heard DJing by Pharrell Williams (phwoar!) and she supported N.E.R.D at Camden’s Roundhouse. She originally took to the decks when she was unimpressed with a friend’s efforts in a club and at 17 years old, starting doing things her own way.

The main reason I took a liking to her, was because I love her styling in the video, which you can see here:

She’s also very pretty to look at, which is never a bad thing.

What do you think of Yasmin? Do you like her style and her song?

Sarah Betty xx

  • KinguSparks

    Love it! Love the song 😉 Perfect to put me in the nice mood for tonight!

    Yes, she is beautiful too.

    If I want to be ever so critical… whispering it only: the nails I am not too keen on.

    Other than that thank you for this song!!! :)


  • Kat Nicholls

    I saw this video the other day and fell in love with her style- such a gorgeous girl! Like the song too :)