January Style Inspiration

Many fashionistas have been known to pout once the festivities are over (even more so, than when they’ve acquired a new lipgloss!) The secret to getting over the January blues? A stroke of style, colour and clothing inpiration!

Here’s a roundup of looks that I’m loving from that beautiful, beautiful website that is Lookbook:

Zina C, 28-year-old brand manager, photographer and fashion blogger, living in Barcelona
This ensemble that Zina’s put together is something I’d love to arrange myself. I particularly love the hat and even though in a few months I wouldn’t be able to wear one of these, I need it in my life like woah.

Veronica F, 23-year-old heartbreaker and heartfixer from Milan
I’m half in love with Veronica’s earmuffs and even more so with this incredible creation of a coat. It takes a true fashionista to match earmuffs with a coat AND boots. Veronica, I salute you.

Frida J, 17-year-old student and blogger from Kungälv, Sweden
Frida has taken a number of trends here and combined them into one super fashion kick ass outfit. The turban is something that is dear to my own heart and I really like she’s paired it with the fluffy coat from H&M. 

Coury C, 29-year-old fancytreehouse from Los Angeles

I’ve been watching Coury from afar (well she does live in LA) and I can tell you that she might be one of my favourite fashionistas to walk this planet. Seriously. There’s something so dainty and feminine about this pretty lady and I adore the way she completes any outfit with an individual twist. 

Juliett K, 23-year-old girl from Poland

Juliett’s outfit is a simple one, but there’s something about the contrast of the red lipstick with the white hat and jumper. I could easily see myself wearing this and hopefully I’d look half as pretty as she does. 

I hope this gave you some style inspiration for the loooooooong month of January! Which look is your favourite?

Sarah Betty xx

  • LaraLainThatsMyName

    Last girl gets my vote

  • Ms Sublime

    I NEED a fur hat in my life…I have seen a juicy couture one modelled by another blogger…zina's one is great too x

  • Hazel

    I love them all but Zina C has the edge for me! Great post x

  • daisychain

    Oh man, what I would give for an ounce of their style!

  • kirstyb

    the first pic is amazing x