Stylish DIY Christmas Presents for the Cash-Strapped Fashionista

If you’re like me and you’re panicking because Christmas is around the corner and you have NO money, then DIY presents are the perfect way to go. Of course, sometimes the items you require end up costing some money, but not as much as you’d normally pay!

I scoured the internet for the best fashion DIY blogs, to bring you some great guides:

The bolt and leather bracelet:

Taken from Style Hurricane, here this is a great project and could work for guys and girls?

Her instructions say:

You need:
a leather belt with buckle, brass plumbing supplies (compression nuts, fittings etc.), scissors.

      *Take a old leather belt which is narrow enough to go through the nuts.
      *Mix and match some different compression nuts and brass fittings.
      *Make a extra hole in the belt to fasten it around your hand.
          *Cut away the longer part of belt or leave it and wrap around your hand like I did

Ribbon Bow Watch
This pretty little number is perfect for you and your friends and sourced from the wonderful Gem Fatale’s blog.

Perfect for the Miu Miu Fan
There are so many people who adore the quirkiness of Miu Miu, but just can’t afford it, so here is a personal, but incredible gift to make from Every Morning’s a Procedure:

You’ll need an old pair of shoes:

 Spray them with a permanent spray:

Then you’ll need to get your artistic skills on and paint some birds:

Then stick some pretty jewels on with fabric glue and you’re good to go!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg guys – there’s so much out there.

Have you got any favourite fashion DIY blogs? Recommend them to my other readers in the comments and we’ll love you forever!

Sarah Betty xx

  • daisychain

    I wish I was more creative, I'd have loved to have given handmade gifts this year.

  • Tia

    I LOVE those shoes!

  • Ms Sublime

    Those shoes are Gooooorrrgggeouss….I would never have known to do that without your blog! Really tempted to buy a whole load of cheap shoes and personalise them now!! x

  • Olivia @frenglish_style

    I wish I could DIY!!! I am so bad with my hands… just hopeless!!!! But those are some really nice ideas I love the ribbon bow watch!!!!


    So cute! Well done, good thing there's no copyright laws against fashion =P

  • Plinth

    Wow- those shoes are ACE!defo going to try!

  • Girl With The Golden Touch

    Love this post – those shoes are amazing! Love the watch idea too xx