Pam Glew: I’m Stuck On You

Recently, I was invited down to the Red Bull Studios to look at some of artist Pam Glew’s work. I was intrigued to say the least so off I popped. But before I tell you about the event, here’s some information about the artist herself:
Pam is best known for her work involving flags. She uses an innovative bleaching technique, and also uses dye and stitching to create modern, collectable pieces. The work itself normally involves iconic figures in mainstream media – present and past, so the viewer can really associate with the piece.
When we got to The Red Bull Studios, I was really struck by how cool the place really is. It’s the sort of venue you’d really love to be at a party at. It had everything from a table with old school games like Pacman, which you could play, to a huge racing car in the main room. I could easily have lived there, I tell you.
While we were looking around, I noticed that a lot of my favourite pieces had something in common – they were all fashion icons. Imagine that, really?
But here they are:
Edie Sedgwick

I already talked about Edie here – it’s pretty obvious why Andy Warhol’s muse is a favourite.

Who didn’t love Twiggy’s incredible doll-like beauty and amazing haircut? It’s making a come back today and will probably continue to do so.
Kate Moss

Ah, like UK Vogue, I cannot get over Miss Moss. The angles, the perfection and especially when she’s on a flag.
And here are some of the other pieces, which you may prefer:

Which did you like and why? Have you heard of Pam Glew before?
Sarah Betty xx
  • amelia-k

    ahhh i'm obsessed with Twiggy, so i LOVE this!! x

  • Lizzy Lips

    I've not heard of Pam Glew but I am loving the work you have shown here. I love pop art, my fave artist is Bridget Riley, she has an exhibition on at the National Gallery at the moment, I'm heading to London in a couple of weeks to check it out. If you're a fan of pop are and have not seen her work before I strongly recommend looking her up.