Katie from X Factor: Why I Love Her Quirky Style

Some people love her, some people hate her. I get that – she has a personality that’s an acquired taste. But this post is going to focus more on her style, then her personality.

Like Marmite: You either love or hate her

Sure you might think they’re one on the same? Well I don’t agree. I think her dress sense is quirky, I don’t think she is. It’s a projection of the way she’d like to be received, in my opinion.

I think she has one of the best styles on The X Factor, and that’s not really difficult. Especially when you have the chavtastic, wigga wannabe that is Cher Lloyd! Obviously there’s also Rebecca and I do like her ladylike style, but there’s something about Katie’s that really grabs my eyes week after week.

My favourite outfit so far, really has to the stunning Alexander McQueen gown she wore in the last show. I know a lot of people won’t agree, but I also adored her Halloween costume – such creativity with the hair and the crown. It was almost a parody of herself – perhaps that was the point?
One thing’s for certain, even if she’s not the best singer, even if she’s rather annoying, I am damn glad she’s stayed in, just so I can look at her style.
How do you feel about Katie’s style? Do you hate it? Who’s style do you prefer?
I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Sarah Betty xx
  • Lizzy’s Lips

    I love Kaite, I was so glad she was saved at the weekend. I like how they are picking whole package people this year and not just really good singers who are boring. Lady Ga Ga can't sing all the great but she's so much more then that and I think Kaite is the same. I love she goes for outragous style.

  • Keri

    Massive love for her as you know :).

    She seems to be having her hair in that bigger style daily now, which is cool – I lovee it! I'm surprised they haven't dressed her in Topshop yet, she seems like just the right sort of character.

    For a closer look at some of her outfits, check my Katie post at: http://www.hautecontrast.com/style-crush-katie-waissel

  • Hazel

    I am a fan of her style. Despite the controversy that followed last weeks decision to let Treyc go I am glad she stayed in too.

    Her performances are fabulous and her style is a large part of this. Her style choices seem to be accentuated for the stage so its nice to see that the style is hers and not her stylists. Her performance is an extension of her. Unlike some who have a stage persona and then seem really different when facing the judges.

    I hope she is in the competition for some time to come.