Google’s Fashionable New Venture

Have you guys heard the word on the digital street? Google is getting its fashion self on with

It’s quite exciting and basically means users can “create and share their own personalised shop by selecting style preferences and the looks, brands and items they love”.

In other words, you put together an outfit you love, which will link real time with actual brand’s e-commerce sites, which allows your users to buy your style choices. It will mean the brand will make quite a lot of money, partnering with these fashion brands. Pretty neat huh?

It’s gonna put a whole new spin on fashion blogging – and I think it’s definitely something I’ll be interested in! You know what would be even better though? If you could make a small commission on every sale you help to make…now that would be an incentive!

The launch will be tomorrow and Google has invited influential fashion bloggers to select pieces by key brands, to help drive sales.

What do you guys think? Will this be something you’d want to do?

Let me know your thoughts!

Sarah Betty xx