Friday Fashion Roundup

Hello you lot,

Here’s a collection of things that have made me lust after them/made me take notice/made me think I need to share with you all. You see? Because that’s the sort of person I am. Sharing and caring.

Okay, on with the interesting stuff:

Amazing little black number from ASOS £38: 

I love this. It’s so chic and I think perfect for job interviews/evening dinners/pretty much everything. That’s how beautiful this garment really is. Also I imagine walking through Paris wearing it? Is that just me?

LCF and National Ballet collaboration

The London College of Fashion and the National Ballet collaborating to create a range of beautiful garments for the ballerinas to wear. They’re going to be shown off in an exclusive performance at the V&A tonight and yours truly is popping along. Watch this blog for more details.

Charlotte Church Glamour Magazine Cover

Really Glamour, this is what you pull out for the December cover? Did you see Vogue’s effort? DID YOU? I feel like this wasn’ t anything spectacular and there are plenty of other celebs they could have used to draw in more revenue? What do you guys think, do you like the cover?

Forever 21 Coming to Oxford Circus

Sick of everyone having your Topshop/Primark/H&M outfits? Well now we can all be Forever 21 clones. That’s right, the US giant is comin’ over London way to spread its joy amongst us fashionistas who live in poverty. Larry Meyer, Forever 21 Executive Vice President said “Oxford Street is one of the most renowned shopping locations in the World and ideally suited for Forever 21. The reaction in the UK to our Birmingham store was very strong and we are looking forward to bringing our unique retail proposition to London next year.”

Only a small round up this week folks. What’re you up to this weekend? Going to any fashionable events I should know about?

Sarah Betty xx

  • Lizzy’s Lips

    I love that ASOS dress, very chic.

  • glam n girly

    stunning asos dress

  • * Reena Rai *

    Totally agree re: Glamous cover. It looks like a 14 year old's 'what I'm wearing' post not a December cover

  • Hazel

    I love that ASOS dress… so versatile and stylish. Me likey :O)