Fashion’s Night In. Does Anyone Actually Care?

Okay, so you’ve all heard by now. After the success of FNO, Vogue has decided to launch the online version – Fashion’s Night In.

But there’s just one catch – you have to stay INSIDE. Where, I ask you, is the fun in that?

Fashion’s Night In is on Monday November 1 from 5pm until midnight, and it will be a night dedicated to online shopping and events. But how much can you actually gain from this? On Fashion Night Out, you got to go to some amazing venues, meet some very cool people and soak in the buzz of the fashion world alight with excitement.

But when you’re on your own, who’re you going to share the excitement with? The couch? I’m sure it will be positively giggling in girlish glee. will ‘host’ the event, which means someone will basically be blogging, to let you know what sites are doing what. Apparently new collections will be unveiled, styling tips will be offered and much more, but I’m just not convinced. I can see where they’re going with it; I mean we ARE moving into a digital era. But it’s like trying to have an online London Fashion Week – it’s really not the same. In fact, it’s ever so 2D.

There are quite a few e-tailers involved so far, including,, and

The good thing about this night is that the event will be held in aid of KidsCo, with money made going towards helping children in need.

What do you guys think? Am I being too harsh? Are you excited about it?

Sarah Betty x

  • KinguSparks

    Just looking at today's and yesterday's posts on X factor (madness), reckon there would be actually a lot of people online FBing, tweeting during the event(s); so I guess as much as it does sound weird, it is a new and quite a brave initiative…plus why not do something extra in between the 'REAL' fashion events ;)what I am really looking forward to is Young British Designers Styling Competition!! :) sounds fun 😉

  • Amy

    No, I'm not excited about it at all! I didn't register because I have no money so what's the point? There is a lot of buzz about it on my Twitter feed, though, so obviously some people are getting excited.


  • Kerry

    I wasn't bothered about it either! also too many pennies…!!!!

    love kerry