Young British Designers: The Fashionable Future

Fashion in it’s rawest state of form is beautiful, brilliant and ridiculously addictive. The genesis of a creation as it leaps out of the inaccessible tunnels of the designer’s mind, onto paper and then into form is a breathtaking experience. But how do these creators of beauty and yes, art, reach the masses with their work?

Enter Young British Designers (YBD), a company that is a mergence of four people who came together to create an online portal to fashion talent. The website launch last week, sent ripples through the industry and whispers are flying. Here you will find the home of sparkling talent, which ranges from loud and proud designs, to soft and subtle inventions.

Here in YBD’s own words, are 12 things you need to know about this new exciting venture:

1. Young British Designers was established in January this year by the four founding members: Adriana Wheatley, Stuart Jackson, Julian Whitehead and myself, Debra Hepburn.

2. Our backgrounds include marketing, sustainability, fashion and design.

3. Our ethos is all about risk. The best of fashion starts by taking a risk. Our designers take a risk each and every time they unleash a new creation onto a judgemental world. We aim to celebrate that risk.

4. We select the designers we work with purely upon what we fall in love with ourselves. It is not based upon trends or ‘safe buys’. It is all about passion. As fashion is and should always be.

5. The website has been designed by Stuart and developed by another genius who is an intrinsic part of our team. It has been about six months in the making and will continue to develop alongside our designers, our customers and our friends (like you!)

6. We believe our key features are: the uniquely British (and a tad quirky) design and tone of voice, the way we don’t just talk about the items we are selling but about the people behind them, their inspiration in creation AND, this is extremely vital to us, the way wearing a designer’s clothing / shoes / jewellery makes you feel. In addition we have our ‘She Wears It Well’ feature which we hope will grow and grow. This is where we will show all women, of all ages, shapes and sizes wearing our designer’s clothing and looking and feeling fabulous in them.

7. The prime showcase for Young British Designers will be online. Our ambition is to allow our brilliant designers coverage across the globe and an online portal is the best way in which to achieve this. We won’t rule out a pop-up shop or even our own shop one day. Who knows?!

8. Many of our designers are at London Fashion Week: Jena.Theo and Alice Palmer (Fashion Fringe); Minna, Issi, Ada Zanditon, Emesha, Nina Dolcetti (Estethica); Felicity Brown, J.W.Anderson, Fannie Schiavoni (NEWGEN); Eudon Choi, Charlotte Taylor (Vauxhall Fashion Scout) and Viking Wong and Sophie Gittins (On/Off). We are hoping to find many more for SS11.

9. The advice we have for a young designer starting out is to stay true to their dreams. To not compromise. To reach for the stars. To take that risk.

10. We think magazines and blogs both have their place. We all love the gloss, the tactile nature, the sheer glamour of magazines but we all adore the personal, unique, friend-in-the-know nature of a good blogger. Curling up with a good blog is a bit like when you find a unique piece of clothing that no one else has, it gives you a wonderfully warm glow. Personally, I’ve learnt so much from bloggers.

11. We are open minded about having an online magazine in the future, but may prefer something more immediate and fresh…. watch this space!

12. It’s really not about us, it’s about our designers. They all have their own distinct brands and show their creations in the way that is right for them. So, no it is unlikely we would be presumptuous enough to hold a fashion show for them.

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What do you guys think? Do you love the website, will you shop there?

Lemme know,

Sarah Betty xx