Wolf & Badger in Wonderland

Here at Sarah Betty, there’s a great appreciation for new creative talent, which is why I trotted along to Wolf and Badger’s graduate awards recently.

For those of you who don’t know, Wolf & Badger is a unique lifestyle boutique in London’s Notting Hill. It supports emerging talent and in this instance gave three designers the chance to showcase their designs in-store, as well as receiving PR services from their communication teams. All in all, the winner receives £5000 worth of prices.

So I was in London’s The Hospital Club, surrounded by a myriad of creatives and there were a lot of weird things happening. You should never expect a normal awards show with Wolf and Badger.

The first thing I saw was this crazy looking fella, who I think was a robot, but actually looked like something from my nightmares! I quickly had to run upstairs, so it wouldn’t eat me.

Then there was a lady standing at about 198 metres (note – I exaggerate) and wearing this huge skirt made entirely from underwear and bras. If you ever want to chuck your old underwear out – here’s a nouvelle alternative for you! A lot of people were looking under there, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Then there was the very talented hula girl – look at her go. She did things with hoops that I’ve never seen before!

Let’s not forget the two ladies, donned in blonde bobs (a bit like mine!) who were creating miniature cakes on people’s hands. Of course I got one done and ate it straight after:

While drinking the beautiful cocktails on offer, the moment everyone had been waiting for arrived – the winner’s announcement.

So congratulations to:

Mayuko Yamamura in Jewellery, with a beautifully fragile hand knitted silver and mohair collar
Domingo Rodriguez in Fashion, with his impressively subtle menswear collection
Victoria Delany in the products category, with her quirky take on the traditional candlestick

These talented guys (and others who were shortlisted) also won the chance to be exhibited at The Hospital Club during the London Design Festival – so extra kudos to them!

And it wasn’t easy with the caliber of judges they had to impress, including: Henry Graham of Wolf & Badger, Anoushka Ducas of Anoushka Jewellery and co-founder of Links of London and Lucia van der Post, founding editor of Financial Times’ How To Spend It and Stephanie Wheatley previously of Alexander McQueen and Matthew Williamson.

There was plenty of networking to be done and a lot of congratulating, but not before a giant rat was offering massages to people:

It was a very fun night, but I’m not going to look at bras, robots or rats in the same way again!

Sarah Betty x