The most important outfit of the year: the birthday dress


This fashion blogger needs your help. I was stamping around the streets of London yesterday in the hope of finding a birthday dress. Let me the set the scene for you:

The setting: retro bowling venue with kareoke and a vintage-theme night on afterwards
The time: evening, leading into the early hours

So I found this ONE DRESS in the four hours I was out:

 I was thinking maybe teaming it with knee socks, or adding a T-shirt underneath, to dress it down a bit. I like the whole trashy glamour aspect of it though.
What do you guys think? Any other recommendations would be appreciated!
  • Beautifulbubblybish

    I think don't dress it down.
    Ankle or midcalf boots instead of knee high socks?

  • MJ

    What a great idea for a birthday party! I want one now :) I think it'd look great with a grey t-shirt though.

  • Couture Carrie

    Insanely gorgeous dress, darling!


  • * Reena Rai *

    That dress is amazing! Dont dress it down at all, I agree with the ankle boots suggestion. Where's the dress from?! Are we the same size?? I LOVE it x

  • sarahbetty

    Thanks guys. I did buy it in the end and I wore it with studded ankle boots. Loved it.

    Sarah Betty xx