Take two: Sarah Betty’s Highlights: London Fashion Week

Louise Gray

The look: Rag doll turned punk. It’s all about the colours for Louise Gray – stripes, patch work. bottle-top and party streamer embellishments. This fun collection was made complete with painted-on white socks.
Colours: Sunshine yellows, oranges, blues through to post box red and lilac
The hair: Straw mohawks in mischievous shades of pink and lilac
Inspired by: Says Miss Gray: “Jenny Holzer, Madame de Staël and old Interview magazines.”
Key notes: Invention and imagination are what you should take away from this collection. Have fun with your look


The look: Bohemian cowgirl on a global jaunt. Patterned maxi dresses passed by nautical short skirts and flirty white playsuits. It has a feminine vibe and materials were soft and simple.
Colours: White cottons, denim blues with creams.
The hair: Sienna style – long and bohemian.
Inspired by: Travel and the West.
Key notes: Keep it simple – the attractiveness of this line is in the effortless look and feel.

Emilio de la Morena

The look: Structured belle from the future. POW! Bright colours strutted down the catwalk in eye-popping shades, juxtaposed with night time darks and black pieces. Futuristic structured bandage dresses were at home with floaty layered chiffon.
Colours: Daytime: beautiful nudes, mint green and creams.
               Nighttime: Blacks, golds and reds.
The hair: Hair was slicked back and tied up. Simple, but beautiful.
Inspired by: Daytime and nighttime.
Key notes: This look was topped with sparkling jewellery and illustrated night time stars.

Topshop Unique

The look: Seventies boho babe. Epic proportions ranging from teensy little skirts, to flowing maxi dresses and long skirts. Sequin jumpsuits and dyed denim met with printed layers and trails of tassels.

Colours: Hawt pinks, delicious oranges and neutral nudes, reds and deep black.
The hair: Big. Crimped and backcombed to perfection
Inspired by: The swinging 70s and glam rock.
Key notes: This is all about looking cool. All you need is a tour bus and a hot guitarist.

House of Holland
The look: Fringe benefits. Clothes were printed with stars, banana print and detailed with fringing. It was all so eclectic ala Holland and featured gorgeous pleated skirts, fluffy belts and metallic minis.
Colours: Purples, greens, blues and metallics.
The hair: Beautiful glossy waves.
Inspired by: Miami seemingly.
Key notes: There’s a nod to the 70’s again here, so lots of fringing detail and you’ll fit right in.