Sarah Betty’s Style Crush

Meet The Like – my new favourite style crush at the moment. In particular, meet Elizabeth ‘Z’ Berg, the frontwoman of The Like and she’s super stylish to boot.
Even holding a balloon, Elizabeth ‘Z’ Berg is awesome

Other members include (top right): Tennessee Thomas – Drums, Laena Geronimo – Bass, Annie Monroe – Organ.

The sixties are BACK

The girls have been together since 2001, at the tender ages of of 15 and 16 and have been climbing the ladder of success since. Apparently the band name came from the girls’ tendency to say ‘like’ all of the time – so it seems quite appropriate. I’m personally glad they didn’t say ‘crap’ all of the time.

I would kill for that dress
Spot the style!

Who wouldn’t wanna be in this band?

They also starred in a video for Zac Posen to launch his collection with Target – I love this:

The film was directed by Gia Coppola (granddaughter of Francis Ford Coppola).

You can catch them touring at the moment in the UK, so buy tickets here!

What do you guys think? Who has the best style in your opinion?