Sarah Betty Loves: The Gorgeous New H&M Autumn/Winter Collection

Let the leaves start falling, let the sky get a crisp blue and let the conkers brown and scatter on the ground. I want autumn now, if not only for this beautiful new collection from H&M.

I realise it’s still summer, but oh my, I want to parade around in all of this – possibly at the same time:

My favourites are the squirrel jumper – which I LOVE, the military coat and the shorts on the first picture.

How about you? Would you wear any of this? I’d love to hear!

  • * Reena Rai *

    So covetable!! Also love the military coat and squirrel jumper

  • Kate

    I blame you for my lack of money for Oz. I want to go shopping now! Love the military coat and the coat and boots in the first photo. Really love the boots, ok must have the boots :S