On Learning How to be a Fashion Blogger

As a writer and a journalist, I’m always in training on how to improve my writing technique, how to hone in your creative ability for clarity etc. It’s an on-going process. But never did I realise when starting this blog that you actually have to learn how to be a blogger.

I honestly think there could be a course on this. Of course you can just write what you want to write – there’s nothing to learn there. But there are so many articles on how to write to gain more of a readership and that’s not ‘hits’, that’s readers who show you that they’re readers by either clicking on ‘Google Follow’ or Facebook, or even on Bloglovin’.

The Advertising Issue

Then there’s the whole issue of blogs which have advertising on them, can you really take them as seriously as blogs who refuse to buy into that? Is a blog without advertising really displaying content that’s any less relevant than blogs with advertising?

Yes there is promotional copy, which is akin to advertorials in magazines. But surely bloggers make this clear, when it is the case? I know I wouldn’t feel comfortable endorsing a product on a brand’s behalf, without first informing my readers. Otherwise, I don’t see what the problem is. People accept it in magazines, why not on blogs? It doesn’t make them any less independent, because there are still all the posts that are independent and do come from the blogger themselves. If the distinction isn’t made, of course I’d fully understand the problem.

As for banner and tower ads on someone’s site, how are they really going to affect the reader? Surely the adverts would be for brands that the blogger likes, or else they shouldn’t be on there. I would never consider a sponsor who didn’t match my aesthetical or lifestyle requirements.

There’s also making sure people know about your blog. Surely if it’s a good blog, people will be drawn to it. But then how are people going to know about it, if you don’t make the effort, how will people know?

Then there are people who come to your blog, leave a comment – JUST SO YOU’LL FOLLOW THEIR BLOG. That highly irritates me.

Taking it all in

There are so many tips, articles and people telling you how to be a successful blogger, avoiding certain mistakes, making sure you really have quality content. Sometimes, I feel like I’m back at university, but I’m fascinated by it all. It’s a sphere of the media that people are finally sitting up and taking notice in. I just hope that the idea of the ‘fashion blogger’ doesn’t become a cliché, something that eventually people turn against.

There are so many doors open to both brands and bloggers through this medium and I really hope they don’t see this as another fad. Something that’s great when people are paying attention, but not worth bothering with afterwards.

How about you, do you think blogging as an ‘art form’? Perhaps I’m putting too much thought into this. I think not though.

I’d really be open to any tips, useful websites etc that you might know of, which can help me even more. There’s no point doing this, if I can’t put my all into after all.

  • LittleMissL

    Hello lovely,
    Have just absorbed this piece of yours – baffling world the blogging world huh?! I for one regularly find myself questioning whether it is better to tell myself I do it 'for me & for my love for writing etc' – true, but at the same time, cannot deny that I do long for the day that people regulalry, comment, read & take something from what I waffle on about.
    But just so you know – I LOVE your blog, the way you write, all of it & am most jealous of your abilities.
    Take care & thank you for writing this. x x x