Hair Crisis: Sarah Betty Needs Your Help!

I’m going to a wedding in September (yes I realise that’s merely days off) and I want to do something entirely different with my hair.

This is the outfit I”m wearing:

Dress from the ASOS Black collection

My normal hair is a short, blonde bob – which is great for summer, but I’m thinking I really want long beautiful hair for this occasion.

The answer? Extensions, of course!

I’ve been there before – but with glue and I don’t think I’m going to go back to that. I want clip-ins and have already been to the shop where I’m going to get them from.

You have to be careful that they’re not unethically sourced though, so make sure to ask the right questions!

I’ve been scouring the internet for styles I like, I really need your help on which one to choose. If it helps, this is the dress I will be wearing:

I’ve narrowed it down to these hairstyles and would really like to know your opinion:

The Fish Tail

Fish tail modelled by actress Tamsin Egerton and also seen at Alexander Wang

This plait has certainly been around for the whole of summer, but when you have short hair – you still get excited about it, even when we’re nearing September. I like this style, because it has a certain mermaid or princess look about it, both of which I am obsessed with. It’ll also be one of the easier styles to pull off, in terms of blending the extensions into my own hair.

The Top Knot

Top knots: (from top left) Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Green, Wilma Flintstone, Aveda for Phillip Limm

This has been one of my favourite hair trends this summer, but it seems to have been everyone else’s too. I love the ease of this style – the way you can just shove your hair up and it looks instantly fabulous. The problem with this though, is my hair stuggles to even reach a pony tail, let alone being pulled up – so lots of hairspray will be needed.

The Halo Plait

Mary Kate says Halo!

My model for this hair style is Mary Kate Olsen. I saw this on her a few years ago and fell in love with it. This has always been a popular hair style choice for girls. It’s feminine, low key, but makes the transition from effortless day look to an elegant evening ‘do.

The Up Down ‘Do

The tousled chignon was a favourite of Karl Lagerfield’s

This hairstyle is pretty easy to create and is ideal for a wedding. The reason I hesitate is because I think a lot of women wear this to a wedding. I have seen it a lot, but with the right accessories, you can still set it apart.

The ‘au naturelle’ hair

Touseled hair was on the Chloe S/S 10 catwalks

And of course, there’s the option of having my hair down and touseled. Think running along a summer field, hair flying behind your head, kind of look.

  • Lynzy

    I think you should go for the up-down do!! I love the dress you chose! I have a wedding in September as well and cannot find a darn thing to wear!

    xo Lynzy

  • Jane

    I love Mary Kate's hair probably the most out of all of them – would love to have my hair done like that, but not sure it would work for me!

    Otherwise, the fishtail – I love how popular it's been this summer, I used to do my hair like that (perhaps not quite so messy-chic) when I was younger!

  • Rollergirl

    I like the up-down do. The dress is so dramatic I think simple but pretty is the way to go! Fishtail is quite busy and also maybe a bit overexposed? (Sorry!) Mary-Kate's is nice but too twee for a wedding (I think). Up-down is very elegant… The dress is v pretty by the way.