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Fashion news round-up

A mock-up of QVC’s shop at Fashion’s Night Out

QVC pops up at NYC Fashion Night Out
QVC is stepping-it-up and will be appearing at Vogue’s Fashion Night Out as a pop-up shop. Shoppers will come face-to-face to with presenters and guests such as Isaac Mizrahi, Rachel Zoe and Lori Goldstein. I think this one experience I will be sad to miss out on – it gives a whole new dimension to the television shopping channel.

Grace Coddington releasing a book

Queen Grace of Coddington

There are certain fashion heavy weights that you just want to know more about and Grace Coddington is no exception. She will be teaming up with Men’s Vogue editor-in-chief Jay Fielden on a proposal for the autobiography.

It’s going to be fascinating, that’s for sure and think of what we’ll find out – what with the modeling, the car crash and of course working with both British and American Vogue. I’ll probably sleep with it under my pillow!

A Plus-Size Mistake

Nice face – but where’s the body?

Uh oh Chanel, you’ve gone and done it now, haven’t you? The fashion label is being attacked from all sides after hiring ‘plus-sized’ model Crystal Renn for a campaign and then cutting her body out.

Maybe this has something to do with Lagerfield last year saying that ‘no-one wants to see a curvy woman’. Are you sure about that Karl?

Calling All Fashionistas: the Dress Phone that Rings It

The dress that thinks it’s a phone

Imagine you’re out and you want to phone to say you’ll be late. Oh no, you’ve left your phone at home, but NEVER MIND BECAUSE YOUR DRESS IS A PHONE.

Seriously? A dress that rings? Apparently London-based fashion designers CuteCircuit have made a dress that doubles up as a mobile, set to hit the markets next year.

You lift the sleeves to your ear, to make a call or when answering, because a sensor detects the motion. The sim card plugs into the label of the garment and the antenna is sewn into the dress’ hem.

Next they’ll be turning shoes into televisions – ‘just look down when you’re on the tube and you can watch your favourite programme, wherever you are!’

Madonna and Lourdes being Sued Over Fashion Line Name

 Taylor Momsen for the Material Girl brand

Fashion dream-team Madonna and daughter Lourdes are coming under fire after starting the new fashion like ‘Material Girl’. Obviously it was named after one of the singer’s songs, but apparently clothing line LA Triumph, Inc is claiming that its been manufacturing under the trademark since 1997. The company wants all of the Madonna’s fashion line’s profit and wants the brand name banned from being used. Claws out!