Amazing Grace: A Review of the Grace Kelly Exhibition

Grace Kelly: Style Icon

Grace Kelly: style icon, treasured actress and a fairytale princess. This is enough to make most fashionistas want to explore the exhibition at the V&A, London. Until they get there that is.

Arriving ten minutes late for the exhibition (you have to book tickets), I was petrified they wouldn’t let me in. Thank God that wasn’t the case.

One of the many beautiful dresses on view

The exhibition unveiled Grace’s dresses to the public. Walking among the glass cabinets, the first thing I felt was a dull shock and recognition that this style goddess had actually been in the dresses.

Undressing Grace
There were over 50 of her outfits, from dresses featured in films such as High Society, to the lace stunner that she got married in to Prince Rainier, punctuated with elaborate haute couture.

I adore the one on the left (from High Society)

The dresses were beautiful and it was amazing to be able to see how her style evolved.

My favourite was this beautiful full length dress, with gold beading embellishment (which almost resembled a couture breast plate). It looked exquisite.

On the left: my favourite dress of the exhibition

Still an Enigma
I’m going to be the first to admit that I don’t really know that much about Grace Kelly, other than she was the epitome of class and fashion. Going to the exhibition, I was expecting to find out about her life and how this influenced her fashion choices. To an extent, it did do this – it showed you photographs of important occasions and the fashion choices that went with this. But I wanted to know what had moulded her into the person she was and didn’t feel like I had soaked that in.

The space is deceiving – it was quite cramped

I also found it to be a very small space, with too much crammed in to it. It almost made you feel rushed, with handbags bashing you about, because there were too many people in that closet space.

Wanting to Know More
While I don’t feel I learnt a lot about her life, who she was as a person or about her personality, it has left me wanting more. I have never seen a single film with her in it. So I am going to watch films such as High Society, Rear Window and The Swan.

But I want to get to know the real Grace – why did everyone love her so much? It had to be more than her beauty.

What did you guys think? Have you been to the exhibition? Do you agree with that I’ve said?

  • Marie

    Hey Sarah! I am so jealous! I wish I could hop in a plane and go to the exhibit to:))) Is this ok if I drop a line about your article in my blog?

    By the way, did you go to Paris to see the YSL exhibit? I highly recommend it! Have a look at the post I wrote about it!

    Cheers from New York xxx

  • Anthony Carmen

    Such a great exhibition! So weird, I just watched Dial M for Murder this morning, which she stars in.

  • augustalolita

    wow she owned so may beautiful dresses and gowns!! this exhibition looks and sound amazing!! great post :)