Supermarket Sarah’s Shiny Success

The four walls of Tatty Devine in Brick Lane, London, were crammed full of fabulous people. Everywhere I looked, there were flashes of glitter, colour and bright bright patterns.

The shop has been taken over by Supermarket Sarah, who you may have heard of – because she’s been having a lot of press coverage, from the likes of Style magazine, You and so much more. I really wanted to go along and find out what the fuss was about.

Just in case you hadn’t realised where you were going – this cool 3D writing stating Supermarket Sarah hit your eyes, before you entered the shop.

The shop was massively packed by a hoard of creatives and friends of Sarah’s who all came to browse and network.

So the basic concept of the night was leading on from Sarah’s premise of opening up her house as a boutique for vintages treasures that she finds. It doubles as an art project and all of the items are for sale – which is brilliant, because some of the prices are entirely affordable.

In this instance,the eclectic range of items on the walls were placed in a deliberately haphazard way. It was like walking into a museum, filled with creative and vintage oddities that you HAD to have.

I fell in love with this little guy – I wanted to take him home and make outfits for him. Another lady bagged him though (well her boyfriend bought it for her – which is an awesome present).

This is the general feel of the place last night – it almost felt like people were hanging out. That’s the thing about events like this, you meet people who are so open, that you can talk to them as if you have known each other for years.

This amazing piece was worn by the singer Peaches and I am not sure if it was on sale or not, but it was so shiny.

Outfits of note

I came across some people who’s outfits who made my eyes pop pop POP, so I had to share with you guys:

Eclectically chic

Name: Jennifer
From: Earth
What do you do? Performer
Wearing: “My jacket’s from NY in a vintage shop and the silk in the pocket is from Morocco. My t-shirt is from a boutique in Paris and my pants are from Topshop. I got my bag and shoes from vintage shops and it took me five years to get a matching bag for my shoes!”

Simply devine
I wasn’t aware of who I was talking to when I approached this well-dressed lady, until she told me who she was. I only knew that I liked green and I LOVED glitter.

Harriet Vine
From: East London
What do you do?: Designer and co-founder of Tatty Devine
Wearing: “My jumpsuit’s from Beyond Retro and I’ve had it for about three years – I do love it. My shoes are Vivienne Westwood and the bag I made myself. I was getting dressed up for a party and went as a bag of chips – so my bag’s design was the fork. On my head, I am wearing next season’s Tatty Devine which are based on and inspired by the aeronautical goggles of Amy Johnson (the English pioneering aviatrix).”

Kaleidoscope cool

This next outfit was one of my favourites of the night and I’ve christened it ‘kaleidoscope chic’.

Name: Fred Butler
What do you do?
Freelance Accessories Designer (Fred also DJ’s from time to time and was doing so last night)
The top layer is from an Oxfam dress, which I cut up and now wear over things. The stripey dress is high street and from French Connection and my tights are from threeASFOUR. My shoes are NikeiD – Butler Style and the bracelets are from Stephen Sheen – the third is a toy, which I picked up! I made the headpiece and necklace myself, which is a part of my work as an Accessories Designer.

The Kimono beauty

Amidst the craziness of the night, a tall beauty walked around in a beautiful kimono and there was no way I wasn’t gonna snap that up!

Name: Jessica Hannan
From: London
What do you do? I run the vintage shop Vintage Academe in Notting Hill.
Wearing: Tonight I’m wearing a 1930’s dragon kimono which is from a New York vintage shop. I’m also wearing this skirt, which belonged to a working stripper – I washed it of course. The shoes are high steet and my top is from the H&M Aid’s Collection. The necklace I got in a carboot sale.

The cool couple

Here we have the star of the night ‘Supermarket Sarah’ and her lovely artist boyfriend Henrik Delehag. Naturally, I had to ask them what they were wearing.

Henrik: I’m wearing a Gap t-shirt which has this stuff splashed all over it. It was actually a plain t-shirt – so I’m thinking I’ve done it by accident. It feels like wax. The jacket is from a private taylor called Nick Tentis and it’s worth a lot of money, but I got it for £10.

I’m wearing one of the many dresses which I source for Supermarket Sarah and the shoes are from one of the amazing old ladies I visit. They have the most incredible collections, which I buy from them.

And there you go folks, that’s everything. There are definitely some people I want to follow up on for this blog, purely because they are entirely intriguing!

Go and check out Supermarket Sarah’s pop up shop at Tatty Devine on Brick Lane. For more information on Supermarket Sarah, go to

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  • ReallyRee

    It looks like you had an amazing time. I want to do stuff like that. Fab!!


  • Gem Fatale

    Such an incredible post! Will have to check how long the collaboration is on for, as I'm in London on Weds and would love to check it out!
    Thanks for your comment on my last Tues Tip! <3