Is Fashion Blogging Narcissistic?

I recently read a guest post at Renee, the ‘Thrifty Poet’ from friend Modlychic tackling the issue (if there is one?) of fashion blogging and narcissism.

Here were a few things said that I would align myself with:

“Some would argue that all writing is inherently narcissistic. I think it can be, but doesn’t have to be–its more about creativity and self-expression, whether its writing poetry or blogging. Fashion blogging incorporates a few different elements of creativity–personal style, photography, and writing. I think that any type of art is always good for a person–people need that creative release, whether they know it or not.”


“Honestly, I think there are always going to be some people that think fashion blogging (or blogging in general) is vain. I think if we do our best to explain our reasons for blogging, it will help with that somewhat. Also, I think I would tell them that if this is narcissistic, Facebook is too–the carefully posed and edited profile pictures, constant updates on the minutia of everyday life, lists of your likes / dislikes—essentially, all about you.”

What do you guys think? Do you think fashion bloggers who only post pictures of themselves are vain? Do you agree with the above points?

I’d love to know what you think.

To read more of that post go to:

  • Jane

    I definitely think that if we are talking narcissism, we can not limit it to fashion bloggers. Anyone who blogs could be accused of it. I blog to have a rant and get things off my chest that I would otherwise say nothing about – and I enjoy getting people's feedback. My blog is for a specific group of friends at the moment, but I have plans for starting a more general one.

    I also enjoy reading other people's blogs because I learn new things and it gives me a chance to discuss things with people on the web!

  • ReallyRee

    Oh for goodness sake, can't we just be allowed to have fun? We really shouldn't care what anybody thinks as long as we have found our creative release as you put it, and are not offending anyone. Of course blogging can be a little self-indulgent, but Jane makes a good point in saying that it is not limited to fashion blogs. And quite frankly, who cares if it is??!


  • Lynzy

    t found your blog and I enjoy reading it! I am now a new follower, follow me?
    xo Lynzy