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    Paris in a day

    What I wore: Dungarees: Pretty Little Thing £20 | Silver brogues: New Look £12 | Top (old): Primark | Bag: Paul’s Boutique £40 They say Paris is always a good idea. Now I’m not entirely sure who ‘they’ are, but apparently they’re quite right about things like this. As Paris has always been a fabulous idea in my […] Read more…

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    Outfit post: spring blues and whites

    Brrrr, sometimes I really wouldn’t think that we’re edging more towards summer at all. I’ve had quite a few new buys recently, that I cannot wait to show you all. I’m loving the bursts of colours that infiltrate gardens and parks at this time of year. It’s one of the nicest things about coming home […] Read more…


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    One month until our Ibiza fashion show!

    Over the last few months we have been quietly working on a very exciting new venture for The Fashion Galleries. Emily and I both love bring people and new designers together and so we decided this was what we would focus on. So we’re now focusing on cool events around the world, bringing amazing designers […] Read more…

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    Five random things about me

    1) I have weird fears. Ladybirds freak me out. Badly. I cannot even be near one. The holes on the top of crumpets also freak me out. And cells. 2) I bite my nails. It’s an anxiety thing. I recently stopped and finally got over it. Then we got bad news and I started it […] Read more…


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    Business Betty: why you should be reaching higher

    I don​’​t know about you but growing up​, I​ had c​e​rtain people tell​ ​me what ​I​ could achieve and what ​I​ could​’​t. You know how p​eo​ple do? They assume something about you and that assumption becomes their opinion and their truth. And the bad thing is that sometimes it can become your truth too. A​s​​​​ […] Read more…

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    Be you! Everyone else is taken

      I’m starting a new series on Mondays, that dreaded day for some, and for others a day of just sheer opportunity. It will focus on inspirations, happiness and motivation. Recently, there’s been a lot of talk from bloggers and girl bosses on what it is that makes you different – how can you separate […] Read more…


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    Business Betty: how to turn your blog into a business

    How to turn your blog into a business? That’s the key question quite a lot of bloggers want to know (not everyone, for some their blog is just fine as a hobby!). So when Warehouse invited me to an awesome event with Chloe Digital at their Women to Watch series, I was very happy to […] Read more…

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    How I try to find time to do everything

    Watch: Hello Betty (coming soon) | Notepad: PaperChase | Candle teacup: gift The one thing I get asked quite a lot is how I have time to do everything. The answer is not a simple one. I’m not someone who can really just sit around and do nothing. I get really bored quite quickly. Apart […] Read more…

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    Stylust: babydoll dress from Jen’s Pirate Booty

    So as it’s summer and festival season, I have been looking for really cute outfits that you can wear whatever the weather. I found an amazing website, which am now obsessed with and it has THE best name – Jen’s Pirate Booty. So funny and cute. This lil shop has so many beaut dresses and […] Read more…

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    The Glitter Edit: Markus Lupfur, Miu Miu and River Island

    I’m known for loving a bit of glitter…in fact I kinda wear it every day. So as part of this, I thought I’d share with you guys some of my favourite pieces each week, as part of The Glitter Edit. There’s something about glittery things that brightens each and every day. If I wear something […] Read more…