Sarah Betty Leeds Victoria Quarter brunch Filmore and Union 3

Travel: Brunch at Filmore and Union in Leeds

In the beautiful depths of Leed’s Victorian Quarter lies a little treasure – Filmore and Union. It focuses on fresh, seasonal and innovative healthy food with an array of gluten-free options which is perfect for someone like myself, who can’t always eat gluten (there’s even a 100% gluten-free afternoon tea!)  What I’m wearing: grey dress from Shopbop | Boots from […] Read more…

Sarah Betty Bettys afternoon tea 2

Afternoon tea at Betty’s in York

What I wore: | Dress – Dahlia |  Jacket – Twenty8Twelve | Crystal Necklace and N1 postcode bangle – The Fashion Galleries. There’s nothing like visiting York as the seasons are changing. It’s my favourite time of year to do so. Each time we go, I like to visit the same place, and while I was sad that […] Read more…

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