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  • Sarah Betty birthday girl birthday betty Cici Kensington Roof Gardens London 5

    Birthday brights at Kensington Roof Top Gardens

    Birthdays are one of my favourite times of the year. I think it’s such a special time and not just because it’s a day about me (although, who doesn’t love that?), but really it’s a way to reflect on your life and what you’re grateful for. What I wore: dress by Cici £59 | Pink […] Read more…

  • Sarah Betty maxi dress bright dress wedding pattern dress cute dress summer outfit 4

    A spectrum of colours

    What I’m wearing: Maxi dress, £20 (coming to my blog shop soon) | Wedges from Clarks To be honest with you, I didn’t think this dress was going to be very flattering. You know when you look at your shape and then the shape of the dress, and you’re like nuh huh, never going to happen. So […] Read more…


  • Sarah Betty September goals dreams ambitions blogger fashion blogge

    My September goals

    How is September here already? REALLY? This year is going so fast. Everyone says it right. Well that’s because we’re all noticing it. I especially. I want to start setting some goals for each month, so these are some of the ones I am considering this month: Get some new kick ass clients for social […] Read more…

  • Sarah Betty stylish runwear stylish gymgear half marathon running marathon training adidas nike amnesty international

    Why on earth am I running a half marathon?

    I mean…REALLY? It seems every man and his dog is running a marathon these days. Like…oh it’s Sunday, what should we do? HOW ABOUT RUN A MARATHON? All casual like. Before breakfast. No sweat.   What I’m wearing: Adidas shorts | M&S sports bra (they’ve run out but other awesome ones here | Nike Trainers from […] Read more…


  • Sarah Betty dreams how about defining your dreams goals not dreams motivation.JPG

    Business Betty: how to turn dreams into plans

    We all have dreams right? Those little ideas that blossom in our minds, as we make tea at work, or as we’re falling asleep. But how many days, weeks, months or years have you spent imagining how absolutely wonderful it would be to run your own business, work for x company, relocate to your favourite […] Read more…

  • Sarah Betty happiness planner inspiration pretty cute the secret 2

    Sarah Betty loves: The Happiness Planner

    Let me talk about this really cute lil number I came across today. The Happiness Planner! Instead of focusing on just dates and productivity like other diaries, this one puts your happiness first! With that in mind, it helps you apply all the things you need to remain happy…self-awareness, gratitude and more. Sometimes I think […] Read more…


  • Sarah Betty business betty keep not settling dreams motivation inspiration business startup cover

    Business Betty: keep not settling

    There’s so many times in this life when you see people who are willing to just go with it…go with the flow so their lives are easier. People want an easy life. An easy life would be lovely. But is an easy life really one where you have that voice in the back of your […] Read more…

  • Sarah Betty Etsy glitter Mac cover cool Mac covers business betty

    Business Betty: Glittery Macbook cases

    Glitter, glitter, little Mac. I’ve been looking for a cover for my Mac for a while. At the moment, I just shove it in my bag and do NOT give it the respect it deserves. I am a bad Betty, I realise this. I apologise to my Mac. But these dear readers, these lil cute […] Read more…

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  • Free People cute dresses dress autumn winter dress sarah betty fashion blogger cover

    My favourite dresses from Free People

    Never really knowing much about Free People before this, I hadn’t been on their site. But guys, when I did – I fell in LOVE. There’s some seriously cute dresses there and these were some of my faves: Babylon red dress £128 This super frilly little number is so cute and I think would even take […] Read more…

  • Sarah Betty stylust Chanel and Champagne t shirt cover

    Stylust: Champagne and Chanel t-shirt

    I was browsing around on Pinterest today and came across this gorgeous lil t-shirt. I really love the simple monochrome design. It’ll look amazing paired with a statement necklace like in the picture, or you could even sew/glue one onto it, right? It’s by T&J Designs and they have so many nice t-shirts on there […] Read more…